Next Food Network star

Next Food Network star

Not Emily! Maybe… Justin? Michelle? Ippy?

Yes, Emily—is gone, that is. The quirky, not-your-average home economics teacher has been cut from Next Food Network Star, and I have to question whether the show is even worth my time anymore. They’ve let some really big idiots stay on—from babbling Marty to bland Malcom to creepy what’s her name on the grill—while sacrificing this obviously talented, smart, and fun personality after a single rough week. Thanks for being such a killjoy, Food Network!

The only two left who were interesting at all—indeed, the only two I’d want to watch on Food Network to begin with—were the quirky Emily and Justin (though I also like seafood specialist Michelle), both with completely unique points of view that I would find entertaining to watch even if I didn’t want to make what they were cooking! And now Emily has gone home. This whole season has been a bit of a joke with each star choosing a team of his or her own—Giada seems pretty awful at choosing people in particular—and now that the producers have voted off a true contender, it just seems like a complete waste of time. (But wasn’t it always…?)

Really, Food Network? I just think this whole process is a joke. I think overall evolution of each personality throughout the entire program and not just that final challenge should be considered. Indeed, you—and any other reality program, really—are marginalizing people this way, making them seem like performing animals in a circus rather than fully fleshed out people with actual stories and personalities to share.

I do like Ippy as well, and I think the Food Network has been completely obnoxious when it comes to him. If Justin or Michelle doesn’t win, I hope Ippy does simply because he refuses to bow down to their fast-paced, go-Go-GO! mentality of constantly being upbeat and perky and everything that a lot of people frankly despise. He is Hawaiian; if you want to give us a show that embraces Hawaiian flavors and lifestyle, you’re going to have to give Ippy plenty of space to let his personality shine. And if that personality is a laid back cutie pie, I am certainly not complaining; in fact, I’m cheering.

America needs someone like Ippy who can help us chill out, get off that damn corporate mentality that’s killing both us and the planet, and start living a life that truly matters. Hmm, maybe I am rooting for Ippy after all.