Seafood To Avoid

Seafood To Avoid

Seafood is a favorite for many people. However, the only downside to enjoying these tasty meals is some of them is not supposed to be eaten because they are endangered species. Below you can find some of the different seafood selections that should not be eaten.

·         Bluefin Tuna: Surprisingly, this tasty meal is one of the most threatened fish in the sea. They are always over fished in all of the regions where they are found.

·         Red Snapper: This is another one of the seafood lover’s favorite dishes but at the same time they are also overfished. These fish are being eaten faster than they are being born which is not very good at all.

·         Chilean Seabass: This fish is one that is very limited. Of course there are going to be people who do not care but if you are someone who cares about species becoming extinct this is one fish that you will want to pass on.

·         Atlantic Halibut and Atlantic Cod: This is another fish that should be avoided at all costs. Their species has been endangered and they are very scarcely found. Not to mention the way that they are caught is very disturbing – I will spare you the details.

·         Orange Roughy: This is one of the fish that doesn’t really taste all that good too many but there are some who love it. It is another endangered species that doesn’t need to be bothered at all. It has been around for a very long time but if they keep getting captured this is one fish that will be added to the extinction list.