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Here's Looking at You

I’m one of those people that will eat anything at least once and I attempt to adhere to the “try it at least twice” rule; because the first time could’ve just been a bad batch.  I 100% believe that there’s something you’ve deemed absolutely gross/creepy/stinky out there that you will love once you taste it (mine happens to be deep-fried sparrows on a stick). Granted, there are some pretty bad experiences encountered on this road but, at least you know that you really don’t ever want to eat that again (for me this category contains starfish and sea cucumbers).

I love food and I try and share that love with the people I’m close to, but sometimes, it’s just not going to happen. It seems to me, that more often than not, when people refuse to eat something based on a totally preconceived notion of horribleness-its seafood. I never understood that, but then again seafood is my favorite genre of food.

In my 31 years there has only ever been one thing that I refused to try, EVER. That food happened to be scallops. Why, when I’ll eat pretty much anything you set in front of me at least once, would I not touch a scallop, you ask? I made this judgment based solely on the fact that I once read an article stating that scallops have something like 37282911 eyes…OK, it’s actually around 100, but at this point that made no difference to me. One eye? Fine. Two eyes? Why not. Anything with more eyes than me? NO WAY IN HELL.

One fateful day, after condemning scallops for at least 15 or 20 years, my boyfriend somehow convinced me to try just a little tiny piece of his bacon wrapped scallop.  Maybe it was the fancy restaurant, maybe it was love, or maybe it was the bacon, but I relented and ate it. What was this delicious gift from the sea gods and why had I denied myself of it for so long?? Never again would I arbitrarily decide not to eat something. Lesson learned.