June 2009

Jeremy Piven Won’t Eat Fish

Fish are friends, not food, says Dory of Finding Nemo, PETA and vegetarians everywhere. Apparently Jeremy Piven has joined the club. The Emmy-award winning star of Entourage has not consumed anything with fin or flipper in over ten months.

“I haven’t had a piece of fish since the doctor told me to lower my blood mercury level,” he recently told People magazine. Apparently he was suffering from “mercury fatigue” this past winter, and was forced to quit a project in order to recover. His blood levels were six times the normal blood level for mercury; he must have been eating fish at every meal!

Actually, the actor reports eating fish twice a day for 20 years. That’s still quite a lot of fish.

Grilled Oysters, Northwest Style

If you live in the Northwest, sooner or later you need to learn to cook oysters. It's only right, really. Especially if, like me, you've no intention or desire to eat 'em on the half-shell with a little tabasco sauce.

This is dead easy, though, and absolutely about as authentic Northwest backyard cuisine as you'll ever find. Ready? Here we go!

60 Foot Lobster Roll

It's the time of year where communities all over Maine are having Lobster fests and Lobster Days and I confess to missing it a bit. There's something to be said for lobster rolls and corn on the cob, clams, potato salad, steamed lobsters, lobster chowder, stew and bisque, drawn butter, and endless servings of homemade pie.