May 2010

It's Shark Week at Seafood Talk!

Have you ever had a close encounter with a shark in the wild? How about a strange shark meal? Have you ever touched a shark—and if so, what’s the weirdest shark you’ve ever touched? Share your stories at Seafood Talk!

While I’ve never touched, eaten, or seen a shark in the wild, I have seen a few in an aquarium here and there. They’re pretty amazing animals, don’t you think? For my shark story, I’m going to tell you about how to take action against the mass killing of sharks. Did you know that about 100 million sharks are killed annually by fisherman—73 million of which are killed for the shark fin trade?

That’s likely much more shark than anyone could ever eat. Because of this mass killing, some shark populations have declined by up to 99% within the past four decades—leading, of course, to extinction. Many shark species now face the threat of extinction due to overfishing.

Save the Sea Lions

As a pacifist, any execution makes me feel nauseated. I hate that we kill to show that killing is wrong. We are in league with so many countries with countless human rights violations when it comes to this practice, as many more developed nations have seen that it is barbaric to offer killing as a punishment for any crime.

This stance against violence, at least for me, extends toward animals as well. I was shocked to discover that at Bonneville Damm, located in Cascade Locks, Oregon, California sea lions are being killed in order to preserve the salmon the area fishermen make their living off of.