May 2011

Why do lobsters have to be boiled alive?

My husband and I love food shows, though neither of us are big fans of seafood (and I’m not a big fan of meat). We were watching Eat Street yesterday, which is a fun show about food trucks across America and Canada (which makes me insanely jealous, as the only food trucks we have in our area are ice cream trucks—and they don’t come often).

There was a man who had a lobster truck in the Wall Street area—something that disgusted me on multiple levels—and he claimed he loved lobsters so much he had one tattooed on his arm.

“If he loves them so much,” I asked my husband, “then why does he boil them alive?”

Fisherman to Be Paid to Catch Trash

Between the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the vast numbers of whales, sea turtles, and other wildlife who die each year from either consuming or being strangled by garbage, the situation seems pretty bleak—even hopeless—and one has to wonder how on earth we can combat it. It would be all well and good to have a fleet of Greenpeace ships out cleaning up the environment, but in reality most people have to work for a living, which also seems harder to come by these days.