July 2011

All Hail the Lobster Roll

...Maine's Local Dilectable

     My family is from Maine, and every so often a have an opportunity to travel there. I look forward to an opportunity to lay on sunny beaches full of sharp rocks, to swim in the 40 degree ocean, to sniff its pine forests and sample its marine life. Of course I'm talking about lobster, and there is no better, or traditionally "Mainer" way to eat lobster than in a lobster roll.

     A lobster roll is simple to make, as long as the ingredients are available. First, hotdog buns that are flat on the sides. I know, I've only ever seen these special buns sold in New England; they have the market up there cornered. However, I've tried this with regular hotdog buns and it's just missing that certain 'something'. You'll also need a small bit of mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Now, the selection of the lobster meat is important, because it has to Maine rock-lobster knuckle meat. If you look at the hapless lobsters rubber-banded in dunked in your local seafood market, you'll notice that they have rather large claws (in Maine you can buy them right out of the traps along the coast). Crack those puppies open and you have the most tender, juicy meat in the entire lobster. Mix the knuckle meat with the mayo (1/4 cup per), lemon juice (1/2 squeezed), salt and pepper (a dash to taste), throw them in a grilled flat-sided hotdog bun, and you have a lobster roll, Maine-style. Simple as that!


       A Maine "lobstah" roll....just like Gram used to make.