December 2011

Halibut Chowder

A quick and easy soup
On a cold winter's day, nothing is as satisfying as a rich, thick halibut chowder.  Add a salad, and a few rustic breadsticks and you have a complete, old-fashioned, down-home meal.  Halibut chowder is simple to make and can be ready in about 30 minutes.  
What You'll Need

Grilled Halibut

Super tasty


Halibut cooked on the grill is one of the easiest methods of preparing this fish and it doesn't matter if you have filets or steaks.  Seasoning can be anything you choose from fresh lemon or lime juice, spices your  taste buds desire at the moment to nothing at all.  Make sure you oil the grill grate with olive oil before placing this somewhat pricey fish over the coals.  This will insure that the fish does not stick while cooking.
What You'll Need
Halibut filets or steaks (approx. 1 inch thick)
Medium hot coals in the grill
Pastry brush
Olive Oil
Seasoning of your choice

Snoek - South Africa’s Seafood Secret

"the best way to serve it is the traditional Cape way"

Snoek is a South African line fish that is a favourite amongst the locals for a number of reasons. First, it is very easy to catch. Second, it is very affordable - it is always one of the cheapest fish on the menu in any restaurant even the high class ones (and it has become wildly popular all over the world). This is partly due to its taste - salty and rich - and partly due to the fact that it is so versatile. Almost any preparation technique can be used to prepare snoek, and it is readily served as a pate, fresh, dried and salted, and even as biltong (a South African delicacy where meat is dried and spiced). However, the best way to serve it is the traditional Cape way, which is discussed in detail below.

Halibut Tortellini Salad

A quick, satisfying meal

When you have leftover halibut filets or steaks a simple easy way to use the leftovers is to put them into a tortellini salad.  How the halibut was cooked matters little, this sweet white fish will add flavor to the salad and make a quick meal.  If you don't have leftover cooked halibut, you can cook it quickly on the grill or on the stove top in a heavy skillet.  Halibut takes less than 10 minutes to cook over hot coals or a medium high stove element.  Allow the halibut to cool before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.
What You'll Need
1 large pack fresh cheese tortellini, cooked
1 - 2 cups cooked halibut, steak or filet
1 cup feta cheese
1 jar seasoned artichokes
1 diced onion
1 diced red pepper
1 diced green pepper
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/4 cup sliced Black Olives
4 Tbs. White Wine Vinegar
6 Tbs. Olive oil

Yeti Crab Grows Its Own Food On Itself

More weird life found at undersea methane seeps
A new deep sea crab has been discovered, and it has the mind-blowing ability to grow its own food on its own body. Pretty convenient, right? Kinda makes me feel like a sucker for having to get up and walk over to the fridge to get lunch!
The Yeti crab gets its common name from its appearance. It is a beautiful pale white, and seems to be covered with tufts of long fur. Upon examination it turned out that those tufts of "fur" were actually spines on the crab's carapace which are covered with thick colonies of bacteria.