February 2012

Nutrient-Rich Halibut: Everything You Ever Wanted (Or Needed) To Know

"Compared to other sources of protein, you simply cannot beat halibut. "

Outside of being firm, a little sweet and incredibly delicious, halibut is also a fantastic addition to just about any healthy diet. It is rich in omega-3s as well as other nutrients and minerals, and is relatively low in calories yet incredibly high in protein.

At this point in your life, you’ve probably heard about omega-3 essential fats. Although the inclusion of this nutrient is often used as a selling point on vitamins and prepackaged foods, many people do not understand what exactly they are. Considered an essential nutrient, meaning the human body requires omega-3s but cannot produce it on its own, this nutrient reduces heart rate, blood pressure and improves or maintains overall cardiovascular health. In addition to this, omega-3s are essential to the development of the brain, eyes and nerves. Despite all of the health benefits of this nutrient, the standard American diet is poorly lacking in it.

Here's Looking at You

I’m one of those people that will eat anything at least once and I attempt to adhere to the “try it at least twice” rule; because the first time could’ve just been a bad batch.  I 100% believe that there’s something you’ve deemed absolutely gross/creepy/stinky out there that you will love once you taste it (mine happens to be deep-fried sparrows on a stick). Granted, there are some pretty bad experiences encountered on this road but, at least you know that you really don’t ever want to eat that again (for me this category contains starfish and sea cucumbers).

How to Debone Halibut


Growing up I absolutely hated fish for the sheer fact that pulling bones out of my mouth every four seconds was irritating. Although I eventually developed a deep love for all things seafood, prices for already deboned halibut limited my ability to eat it at home: finding boneless halibut, or any other fish, can be difficult. Especially on a budget. Would you believe that deboning halibut is actually pretty simple? Finding this out was somewhat of a revelation for me: no more irritating bones while eating and I can still stick to my grocery budget. Want to learn how?

To Eat, or Not to Eat...That is the Cultural Question

This afternoon I was talking with a friend who just returned from a Caribbean cruise and it came up that she didn’t swim in the ocean at any of the beaches while they were at port. When I asked her why not, she replied, “Because the ocean has scary stuff in it.  Ever since I saw one of those beware of jellyfish/sharp rocks/tides signs, I just decided that swimming in pools is more my style. However, I do really like seafood.” Personally, I’ve always been addicted to the water and I’m pretty much the “Never getting out of the water until I absolutely have to” sort (and I also love seafood).